• Mademoiselle Alice

    And now let me introduce you to... my mademoiselle Alice! :) hihi! The new chick on my blog. She is one of the girls that "infested" me with a virus! Stay chill, it's just a movie, just thousands of pages, sleepless nights because of this, somewhere about 17 songs to listen on repeat days and days...

    The virus that captured every romantic girl that has an idealistic vision
    about love...

    "And the lion fell in love with the lamm... "

    This is the best tip I could had ever give. Read the book, read the book!

    Well... can you guess what it is?
    As I said, this young lady over here is a really big fan of this teenage highschool saga. Her name is Pegu (aka Andreea) and I helped her become Alice! I'm not just a photographer, I'm a magician and I'm a hairstylist too ! :)) I really had tones of fun!


    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbCmMaqG8_Q
      foarte probabil sa nu fie bun linkul...

    2. A virus :)) cute sweet cutie :P :*:*
      keep up with the work...

      a FAN

    3. u're like my own, personal brand of heroin...twilight:D

    4. @Flami: Twilight... We really had a hard phase when it comes to this virus! :)) In autumn... next part! I'm so curious about it!

    5. @First Anonymus: thanks, Alex, for the song, I really like it! :)

      @Second Anonymus: Didn't know I had hidden fans! ;)) Thanks!



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