• Jazz

    My fair ladies and gentlemens!

    A moment of chill-out for you!

    "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

    Background story: A very good friend of mine asked me tonight about this
    '40th-style-of-jazz-with-mafia-background music. Well, actually his idea came because of me! Hihi! He read my previous post, he liked the music in the CD mini-movie ...and this opened his appetite for jazz. My winamp playlist randomized this song. A chill jazz that brings me veeeery far away with my thoughts.


    PS: The photography belongs to a veeery good friend of mine! Click it to get to his blog! ;)


    Later edit: I found out today, that this song actually belongs to the legendar Leonard Cohen. I first heard Madeleine Peyroux's seductive voice singing "Dance me to the end of life". Then I researched and found out that 90 different singers have made the cover of this beautiful song. Stunning!!!

    Here is the original video:

    Which version do you like most ?



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