• Summer Feelings 2010

    Ok, ok, so it's been a veeeery long time since I posted something on my blog, winter was there and winter was nooot so inspiring this year for me. I mean inspiring in terms of fotos. Although, I am glad that some people actually visited my totally-NOT-updated-blog.


    I just wanted to say, welcome dear Summer 2010! And I'm looking forward to enjoy you! In good time, with good friends and good fotos! :)

    'til the next post, refresh yourself with this french, inspiring, talented, poetic and romantic Berry!

    PS: N'ayez pas peur du bonheur! <3


    1. Paaaaaaaaatri! Bine ai revenit! :*

    2. go out ! feel the summer, make your days like a like a bean ,full of honey....



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