Summer Memories

3 weeks more and I'm off... Summer's over! Vienna's calling! I've really enjoyed my time at home with my family and my dearest friends whom I'm gonna miss sooo much. They made my days sweeter than honey! Hopefully some of them will surprise me with a visit, or two, or three? :) Well, luckily this thing named Internet, seems to be keen in NOT letting me lose contact with my dear ones! So, guys, just give me a buzz, and I'll be there!

This summer was a very interesting one.

Many many things have happened, in specially unexpected ones. But I must say, I love sometimes feeling emotionally like in a rollercoaster! It's fantastic! Life is beautiful! Life is being passionate about everything you do!!!

Dear Summer 2009, you really are a memorable one! You brought people into my life who shared with me their ray of lights...

Good Bye for now!!! See you next year!!!