memento mori

The Central Graveyard of Vienna

A Girl, 21.06.1998-15.03.2008

Triplets: Lucas, Pia, Sasha

The Graveyard-District of the Orphans

A few days ago I was watching for the second time "Before Sunrise", when I realised that all the places in the movie aren't that foreign to me, but one, the Graveyard of the Nameless, which is a part of the Central Graveyard in Vienna.

A graveyard is actually the most vivid proof of the history of a place, an all quiet areal of memories where the dead try to find their peace in a better world, but it is also a place where families and belongings here on Earth come to shed a tear for the lost ones...

I went yesterday afternoon for a walk there. It was a sunny day of the late October, but there was no sun in myself. The pictures speak for themselves...

Cherish the people near you, cherish your family, friends, your beloved ones because we are not immortals, the life here on planet Earth can be so fragile...

Remember your mortality so that you can cherish your Life!


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