A story about a girl

Once upon a time I decided to move to the urban, cultural, friendly, controverse, near, cold and warm Vienna. I decided to leave everything behind so that I can have a new beginning. I left love behind, I left family and friends behind and I said Hello to the new life that was there for me! They say when a door closes some others open. A new challenge that I would never regret! A new chance…

Actually this whole post is about a person that somehow managed to be so near to me in so many ways. It’s about a person of whom I’ve learned so much. Things like, what life is about, how to appreciate those tiny little moments that sweeten your all day life or understanding the whole meaning of the quote carpe diem! It’s about a person that touched my soul in a way that she perhaps doesn’t even know through the simple way of being itself.

A cup of innocence and passion and inner strength and beauty of which I haven’t had enough of drinking and that I'm going to miss so much.

So long, Mira! Make the best out of it! miu.miu

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