Dia de los muertos

A few days ago, I've posted some pictures of some really sad stories. Stories of little children with whom life wasn't very generous. But for sure, the little angels are happy where they are now and this could be at least a reason that can allevate the suffering of the parents. Regarding this, the Geto-Dacs (my anchestors) had a very interesting philosophy of live...or rather of death: They were crying when someone was born and laughing when someone has died. It's very interesting to see the point of views regarding spirituality of different cultures.

One very interesting philosophy of life has the Mexican culture. On the 1st of November I had the opportunity to join a friend of mine to see how the ritual of Death is beeing made.The Mexican Ambassy in Vienna organized this day of the deads and I was glad to could have join.

"La dia de los muertos" (The day of the deads) is celebrated in Mexic just like Europeans are celebrating Christmas. It's a very important day of the year and it is said, that the deads are coming back on Earth and the living family and friends and beloved ones must create an altar for them with all the things that the dead person loved during its life. People eat and play and sing and dance at the tomb so that the dead feel that they are not forgotten.


  1. interesting topic, had a conversation with my mom about it two days ago. About how death is far from being a tabu in mexico. Some day during the year family has breakfast at the graves, and eat sugar skulls at all saints. To live a full life, you need to be aware of both, life and death. And u are right, considering the way things go sometimes, chances are good it´ll get better afterwards ;)

  2. Pati,the photos are amazing. Great job again!!

  3. faine pozele si cred ca ti-am mai spus ca imi place cum scri :**

  4. "der liebe Niemand"November 21, 2010 at 3:11 AM

    Nu regret, nu ma jelesc, nu strig,
    Toate trec ca floarea spulberata.
    Vestejit de-al toamnei mele frig
    Nu voi mai fi tanar niciodata.

    N-ai sa mai zvacnesti ca pan-acum
    Inima racita prea devreme
    s-o pornesc din nou la drum
    stamba luncii n-o sa ma mai cheme.

    Dor de duca! Tot mai rar, mai rar,
    Pui pe buze flacara pornirii
    Si pierdutul prospetimii har
    Cu vioiul clocot al simtirii!

    In dorinti incep zgarcit sa fiu,
    Te-am trait sau te-am visat doar viata?
    Parca pe un cal trandafiriu
    Vesel galopai de dimineata.

    Toti suntem vremelnici pentru veci
    Rar ning fragii frunzele desarte…
    Binecuvantat sa fie deci
    Ca traiesc si ca ma duc spre moarte.


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